What Makes Macs Better for Web Design?

What Makes Macs Better for Web Design?

While Windows-based computers outsell their Apple counterparts, web designers and those who work for a search engine marketing agency largely prefer Macs. Here are a few of the reasons why Macs are a better choice for development.

Graphical Design Advantages

Most Windows-based PCs have 720p and 1080p screen resolutions, but many Mac computers have much higher resolutions. Because visual elements are so important for websites, this higher resolution leads to easier development and testing. In addition, graphical designers tend to prefer Mac computers as well, so using a Mac lets web designers use the same platform as their graphical designers, search engine marketing firm, and other professionals.

UNIX Foundation

Linux and various UNIX platforms share a number of standards, and these standards play a major role in most non-Microsoft web servers. As a result, setting up a testing web server on a Mac is fairly straightforward, which allows developers to test their sites locally. This foundation also makes it fairly easy to port Linux programs to Mac computers. One of the biggest advantages of Mac computers for power users is access to a command prompt, which makes scripting and other tasks simpler. Scripting capabilities can help individual designers as well as search engine marketing service companies.

Build Quality

Most laptop manufacturers offer high-end computers, but no manufacturer has Apple’s reputation for build quality. Reliability is important for web designers, and the extra cost of Macs is a small price compared to unreliable performance. In addition, Mac computers are lightweight and offer excellent battery life.

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