Google Releasing Security Feature for Google Drive for Work, Education

Google Releasing Security Feature for Google Drive for Work, Education

Google will release an update in the next few weeks to both Drive for Education and Drive for Work that contains a number of tools that will enhance the way users share data both internally and externally with their customers.

Given that companies need to feel safe about having their content in the cloud, this new feature will give them greater control and thus satisfy this need for safety.

In other words, sharing settings can be modified according to a company’s department. While the marketing team can share their documents with their potential customers, the finance team will not be able to share any but only with their team within the company.

In fact, it’s not only admins but users too who can disable downloading, copying and printing right from the sharing menu.

It should be pointed out that while most of these new features is about sharing restricting access to documents, Google will also make it easier for those who don’t use its service to access documents as well. The best part is that this sharing can take place on the basis of an individual document. However, admins can disable these features for a number of departments too.

Apart from this, admins are also getting a number of tools with this update and one such tool are custom alerts. For example, if a user wants to share a file labeled ‘confidential’ in the headline, admins can investigate the matter immediately.

Admins can also obtain audit reports that inform them of files being previewed, printed and downloaded.

One last thing: users can also reset their passwords, provided admins allow them to do this, and won’t have to wait for the latter to help them with this.