The Best Medicine is Food

In today’s day and age, everyone looks for salvation in a pill. Too heavy? Take this pill. Anxious? Take a pill. Tired? Take another pill. Is it any wonder we end up unhealthy? It’s not necessarily that the pills are even bad for us; it’s the things we do in our everyday lives that eventually ends with us being unhealthy and in need of medication.

That’s because not enough of us treat food like medicine. If we thought about things that way, we’d end up in much better condition. Think about it, would anyone in their right mind continuously take bad medicine? Yet they do it all the time with food.

Good health begins with a good diet—one that involves plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat. Organic options are always best and, fortunately, many of us can find the best versions at a local farmer’s market. There are plenty of other places to get these foods, of course. Starting a home garden is a tremendous option.

What you want to stay away from, though, are foods that come from a box. No good can come from it. These foods, if you can call them that, come from factories and are full of chemicals our bodies weren’t meant to consume or digest.

If you are constantly turning to medications for help dealing with your health, try out a different perspective. Look at the food you consume on a regular basis for your medicine and begin seeing better results in no time.