3 Aspects of the New Amazon Phone That You Should Know About

A number of things about Amazon’s Fire – the company’s new smartphone – has been revealed over the past few months.

Despite the information that we already have, a few questions still remain that will answer details such as name, price and release date.

Apart from that, there are other details that we’ve already gathered information on, and here they are:

#1: Camera

The phone will have six cameras. Apart from the usual front and back, it will also have four front-facing infrared cameras at each corner of the phone. These will be used to track the user’s head and will create a 3D effect that will be displayed on an LCD screen. Omron’s Okao Vision face will be used to create this effect.

#2: Specs

While there was a low-cost version that was being developed, the one that will be released is a mid-tier version with specs like a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2 GB RAM and a 4.7 inch, 720p screen. It goes without saying that the Amazon phone will use a modified version of Android and that has been developed in-house.

#3: Carrier

An exclusive deal has been signed with AT&T recently while the carrier also offers wireless data for both Kindle tablets and its e-readers. These two companies can team up again while also offering a deal for the Amazon Prime subscription too. If this report is true, then AT&T will secure yet another exclusive deal with this phone apart from a long list of other smartphones.