What’s new in the iPhone X

What’s new in the iPhone X

Apple took the wraps off the all-new iPhone X at its annual September event. Despite all the leaks from the iOS 11 GM and supply chain photographs, there was still a lot of new information. Here is a breakdown of everything that is new in the iPhone X:

The Notch

Hate it or love it the notch at the top of the new iPhone is here to stay. Officially called the “sensor housing,” the notch is part of the official branding of the new phone. Every icon and image you see of the phone has the notch. What we did not know from the leaks is the amount of technology inside the housing. The Verge describes it as a Kinect on your phone. Apple wants users and developers to “embrace the notch.”.

Wireless Charging

According to the rumors, the iPhone X would support wireless charging, but only on Apple hardware. That was incorrect. The phone would charge even on standard QI chargers, however, like the pairing process for the AirPods, there are some advantages when using the AirPower chargers. There is pricing for AirPower chargers, but most expect them to be significantly more expensive than standard wireless chargers.

Home Gesture

We also knew that instead of the Home button, Apple would use a gesture from the bottom of the lower part of the screen. What we did not know was that you could also hold the gesture and get the app switcher. Also, you can swipe down from the top right of the control panel and top left (and middle) for notifications.