The latest rumors on the iPhone 8

The latest rumors on the iPhone 8

We are still five months away from the usual window for iPhone announcements, but already a clearer picture of what we can expect is forming. The most likely outcome is that Apple will announce two models called the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which will follow the same form factor as last year’s model. The new model, which will include all the latest features will be the iPhone 8 Pro. Here are the rumors that we have heard so far:


Apple has supposedly placed a large order for OLED screens from Samsung. So many in fact that Google had to order from LG since Samsung could not supply enough screens for the Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8 and Google. It is possible that all three models of the iPhone 8 will have OLED screens, with the Pro the only phone with the limited bezel.

Touch ID

The rumors indicate that Apple has not been successful at getting the Touch ID sensor to work behind the glass and has been forced to move it to the back of the phone like the S8 and the Google Pixel. Moving the sensor back is the only way to avoid a large chin on the front of the phone.


The leaked renders of the new phone show two cameras at the back. However, unlike the current model, the second camera is under the first. This vertical placement will improve the depth of field effect when in portrait mode.