The Essential Phone

The Essential Phone

Andy Rubin, the founder of the Danger phone and Android, unveiled his latest project: the Essential phone. There are no reviews of the device, and very few publications even saw the phone, but here is what we know so far:

The phone follows the recent trend of eliminating the bezels around the phone as much as possible. The Mi Max was the phone to go almost bezel-free, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the only mass market phone that has reduced bezels along with a curved screen. The essential takes it one step further and has almost no bezel at the top of the phone. The only way they could do this was to wrap the screen around the front facing camera, blocking parts of the screen.

You can see that they are going with as few embellishments on the phone as possible. The phone looks like a square device with glass on the front and glossy ceramic on the back. There are no logos to be seen anywhere on the phone. In fact, there is no writing on the back of the phone.

Regarding ports, you get a USB-C port at the bottom and a nano-SIM tray. The Essential also supports wireless charging for power and wireless USB for data transfer. There are two cameras on the back, each 13 megapixels using a system similar to Huawei for the second camera.

The good news is that Essential are open to pre-orders and shipping starts on the 1st of June.