Small but important change to Google Adwords in September, tech giant reveals

Small but important change to Google Adwords in September, tech giant reveals

According to an announcement, Google has decided to carry out a small but very crucial update in the month of September that pertains to Google Adwords.

Until now, there have only been two options that are available to advertisers: either show the ad only when the words used in the queries match the keywords that they have set up in Google Adwords.

Another option has been to allow Google to match the the keywords used with the queries even if they aren’t a perfect match.

In September, Google will try to remove the first option and try to match queries with keywords added by advertisers.

This feature that was launched in 2012 will remain while the one that matches the exact words will be removed, come September. What this means is that advertisers will still be able to pick synonyms and other modifications as necessary but they won’t be able to pick the exact keyword.

And this move is considered to be a big one where Google will take away control that advertisers would like to have on when their ads appears, according to particular keywords.

That said, Google said that it will include abbreviations, misspellings, acronyms, accents, stemmings and singular/plural forms as well.

As for taking away this feature that advertisers might be unhappy about, Google says that in picking the close variant matching in 2012, advertisers saw an increase in click rates even if their conversion and click-through rates stayed the same.

What the tech giant also believes is that most if not all advertisers will hardly notice this change at all in September.