Save Your iPhone Battery Life Using The Following Tips and Tricks!

Remember that familar feeling when you are talking on your iPhone and all of the sudden that familar sound lets you know that your phone is about to die in mid-conversation? Well, here are some tips and tricks that should help you save battery life on your iPhone! Take a look at the six tips for better Apple iPhone 4S battery life below!

– Get Rid of Unneeded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

One of the easiest ways to save battery life on your iPhone is to not use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth…when you’re not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth! If you’re not in a room inside your house why have the lights on? Save that electricity! Knock down that utility bill and turn off the lights!

>> How To (Wi-Fi) – Settings / Wi-Fi / Switch to off

>> How To (Bluetooth – Settings / General / Bluetooth / Switch to off

– Turn Off the Light Switch!

This is pretty much the same concept based on the principles above. If you are not using the lights, why have them on? The lovely brightness of your new (or old) iPhone screen is pretty isn’t it? Yes and no. Beauty is dangerous. The pretty brightness is one of the main causes of a low battery! Turn it down!

>> How To (Turn Down Brightness) – Settings / Brightness / Adjust to a lower setting

– Let’s Not Broadcast Our Location Needlessly.

Another key reason your battery may be draining rapidly or faster than you think it should is because of those lovely apps that use our location to give us directions or tell or friend, “I just ate a cheeseburger at the McDs at So and So Street. Wasteful! If you don’t need it, turn it off.

>> How To (Turn Off Location Services) – Settings / General / Set to use only when it is necessary

– Get On Board the Airplane (Mode).

If you are on the road or just in an area with bad coverage your phone is still trying to get a signal which is using the battery life up. Maybe you just don’t feel like talking on or using the phone at the moment. Whatever the cause, you can put a damper on that battery drain by starting up that wonderful Airplane Mode feature.

>> How To (Airplane Mode) – Settings / Airplane Mode / Set to off

– Slim Your Data Waist Band!

Seriously, no one really NEEDS to check their email or especially their facebook/myspace/etc. every 2 minutes or even 10 minutes. Cut down your data usage by adjusting the “Fetch New Data” feature.

>> How To (Fetch Data Setting) – Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc. / Set Fetch New Data to hourly

– Bolt-(Lock) Your Phone!

When you lock your phone it does more than just require that pesky (or wonderful depending on your point of view) password. One important thing it does is it saves on your battery life by turning off the screen among other power saving features it enables. Set it to lock your phone more often to save battery.

>> How To (Shorten Lock Time) – Settings / General / Auto-Lock / Set to 1 Minute

Enjoy the extra battery life you have from now on and remember these tips! Next time you’re on that important call you may be able to make it last another 30 minutes, who knows!