Possible updates to Apple’s product lineup in 2017

Possible updates to Apple’s product lineup in 2017

Every year Apple introduces new products or updates existing lines. Here are a few predictions of what to expect in 2017:


As Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone gets a significant upgrade each year. Also, this year the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple is expected to release at least one model with cutting-edge features. Apple abandoned the tick-tock upgrade cycle, and we can expect proper upgrades each year.


Each year Apple updates products that have languished behind other categories. This year, that product is the iPad. There are rumors of a 10.5” iPad taking the place of the current 9.7” model. The final lineup will most likely be the iPad mini, iPad Pro 10.5, and the larger iPad Pro. There are rumors of additions to windowing and multitasking.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was the recipient of a significant update in 2016 with WatchOS 3. As a result, we cannot expect any large updates in 2017. There is the possibility of some cosmetic updates, like watch bands and other brand tie-ins like Nike.

Mac Pro

Apple has ignored The Mac Pro for almost three years now. An update is long overdue, and there is a slim chance that this will be the year. Tim Cook hinted in a company-wide address that the Mac lineup is important and to expect additional products in the pipeline. The update could include the iMac desktop lineup.