iPad Buying Guide

When people talk about tablets, they usually mean the iPad. The Apple device is synonymous with the word and is the only real touchscreen tablet on the market worth buying. The iPad range has grown a lot since its inception and there are different models for different use cases. Here is a list of the models and its respective use case:

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

The top of the line iPad is the iPad Pro 12.9-inch. When you want a tablet that is more of a laptop replacement or you are a professional artist, the Pro 12.9 is the model. It has a beautiful TrueTone touchscreen and a stylus.

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Even the 10.5 inch iPad Pro could be thought of as a laptop replacement. However, unlike its larger sibling, the 10.5 inch screen is better suited for light productivity work like word processing. It is also much lighter than the 12.9 inch version, which makes it easier to transport.


The original iPad form factor is the best for media consumption and casual gaming. The size and weight make it easier to carry around and good enough to watch movies, YouTube clips, and play games. Also, at the $329 price point, is the best bang-for-buck device in Apple’s entire product lineup.

iPad mini 4

The smallest in the range, the iPad mini 4, is perfect for reading, light gaming, social media, and checking email. The screen is too small for any serious work, although big enough to watch some video.