Google releases family plan for $14.99, Competitors Not So Generous

Google releases family plan for $14.99, Competitors Not So Generous

Google is now reaching out to families with a new plan available as a part of its Google Play Music service.

At a recent event, it announced that families should be able to subscribe to its service for only $14.99.

At this price, you will get six different profiles to cater to various music tastes. This plan, in question, will be available somewhere later this year.

 Experts believe that Google Music is competing with Apple Music given that the latter also offers music with six profiles for the family at the same price.

So far, Google is available in 58 countries on both the Android and iOS platforms. You can use browsers, a Chromecast, Android TV devices among other players. This is one reason why it is advantageous using Google’s service.

Alternatively, Apple Music only works on Apple devices. Google Play Music will work on both your iPhone and iPad.

Spotify, among other competitors, aren’t as generous with family plans. All you will get is 50 percent off if you get a Spotify account. In other words, $14.99 for two accounts and $19.99 for three accounts. In other words, they don’t have options like both Apple and Google Music do for families either.

Of course, Rdio and Spotify have been in the music streaming game for a long time. Only now, Google wants to catch up and wants to lure people away with its new plan for families. Whether that works or not, remains to be seen.