Everywear Games will make games exclusively for wearable devices, says CEO Aki Järvilehto

Everywear Games will make games exclusively for wearable devices, says CEO Aki Järvilehto

While Rovio might grab headlines in Finland for games such as Angry Bird and Supercell, it’s hard not to notice startups that are springing up to capitalize on the second boom that the country’s computer game industry is experiencing.

In this case, it’s Everywear Games, which is based in Helsinki and comprises executives from a number of game studios such as Rovio, Remedy and Digital Chocolate.

What makes this startup all that more noticable is that they have acquired capital to the amount of half a million Euros from Lifeline Ventures and Sunstone Capital apart from an undisclosed amount from the Finnish government as well.

That said, the games that they intend to make will target wearable devices such as smart watches and which could include the Apple Watch that is to be launched soon.

While they might not be the only game studio watching developments of this new Apple product given that a number of other companies have revealed their gaming wares. However, this will be the first game studio to target only wearable devices.

In an interview with TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Aki Järvilehto of Everywear Games, reveals why this is so, in saying, “We are the first developer to go all in with smart watch gaming. Expect others to follow very soon. If you look at all cool consumer platforms, it’s always been games and entertainment which makes us feel emotional about them. That’s where we come in. We want to create new, fresh experiences that are tailored for smart watches from the beginning.”

According to him, what makes this decision an “invigorating challenge” and “super exciting” is that developers haven’t made anything like this before and the approach to create games will be completely new just as it was with the iPhone.

That said, he believes that keeping games simple while also creating depth and complexity will be the key to its success but also its biggest challenge of all.