Code academy Launches Python, More Server-Side Languages to Follow

Code academy Launches Python, More Server-Side Languages to Follow

Codeacademy, a startup that offers tools and lesson for people who want to learn how to code, has begun offering Python lessons too.

As the co-founder, Zach Sims puts it, the site has been focusing only on client-side markup and languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. From now on, user-generated Python lessons will be available at the site.

 n explaining why this is an important development, Sims says, “This is the beginning of new language support on Codecademy – Python is only the first server side language you’ll see.”

While he isn’t specifying what other server-side languages will be available in the future, it’s good to know a few if they are offered in the future. Some of them include Ruby, R, PHP, ASP, C, Go, server-side JavaScript and Perl among several others.

The company also focused on the Codeacademy Labs feature that was announced in December as a first step in the direction of allowing users to program in Ruby and Python. Until now, there were no lessons until the end of this month.

Sims also says that Python has been in high demand from Codeacademy users right from the start. This includes teachers at both the high school and college level.

Keeping this in mind, Codeacademy tries not to overwhelm non-techie users with its simply onboarding process and with all the languages they might learn. For example, users will start with a JavaScript terminal. Of course, there’s the Code Year program that trains individuals in JavaScript, CSS, jQuery and HTML.