Choosing a Colocation Provider

Choosing a Colocation Provider

Written by Rack Alley

Colocation is one of the options that you might have if you are looking for a data center and want to go for a time-efficient solution. Colocation is usually easy to setup and safe. Factors to consider before hiring a provider is the location and network.

Why colocation?

Usually setting up a data center for your company requires a huge investment in terms of time and money. Colocation solves this issue and might be cost-effective as well. The idea behind colocation is that you would be sharing a data center with other companies. This system is usually secure for your data.

Location and Network

Location would seem like an obvious factor to consider especially if you would want someone from your company to visit the data center. You might also check whether the location is not prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Another factor is the network facility, whether the power structure and fibre paths are good.

Companies worldwide have their data hosted in locations such as Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Los Angeles indeed has risen as a powerhouse in terms of data centers and LA colocation providers. These data centers tend to be energy-efficient and offer good quality hosting at competitive prices. Customer demands have driven them to invest in better hardware to ensure better colocation.

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