Apple Dominates Holiday Season Again

The past few years have seen Apple dominate the holiday season and this year is no different. According to Flurry Insights, a Yahoo analytics firm this season was dominated by Phablets. Sales of the large phones accounted for 27% of all device activations and Apple devices accounted for 49% of those devices.

macintosh1Although this figure is down from 51% in 2014, Apple’s largest competitor Samsung was far behind at 19%. Apple only entered the Phablet market in 2014 but already has a whopping 14% share of entire large screen phone market popularise by Samsung. The phablet market is the fastest growing of the various smartphone and tablet segments. Phablets could also be a factor in shrinking tablet sales.

Even App sales saw a huge boost during Christmas with a 2.2x increase on Christmas day itself. This is not surprising with considering the number of devices activated. In a lot of instances this time of year also sees a lot of iTunes gift cards. These lead to more purchases of paid apps when compared to other times of year.

Most companies see a sales surge towards the holiday season and none more so than Apple. The holiday quarter is usually a record breaking one for Apple, and it appears that this year will be no different. This is inspite of the fact that this year’s iPhone was the iterative S model and not a completely new release.