3 Ways to Make the Most of Google Docs for Mobile

3 Ways to Make the Most of Google Docs for Mobile

If editing or preparing a Docs file on a five-inch touch screen seems really difficult, it actually isn’t. You just have to master a few tricks and it won’t seem as tedious as it might seem.

Here are 3 ways to make the most of Google Docs for mobile:

1: Gesture typing

The biggest headache with preparing one of these documents involves typing lengthy sentences with touchscreen keypad. But there’s a way to make it painless. Of course, it takes practice but you’ll be able to put out these sentences quicker than you think in no time. First, you have to enable it under Settings>Language & Input>Google Keyboard>Gesture Typing>Enable Gesture Typing. Other options include using a third-party keyboard such as Swype or Swiftkey.


2: Doing research when writing

This feature is only for Android. Most writers require browser windows open for research when writing. Unfortunately, using two windows on a cramped mobile screen only makes it harder. This is where the Research feature in Google Docs can come in handy.

To use it, tap the three-dot menu at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Select Research and enter a Google search term. Not will your search results show up in the bottom half of your screen but the Google Doc you created will still be displayed at the top half. Apart from this, you can even insert text, links and images into your document as well.

3: Review ‘suggested’ changes

A popular feature with Google Docs is that you can make suggested changes to any document. However, this feature is not yet a part of Google Docs for both iOS or Android. But you can review, accept or reject changes made by another user. Just tap any highlighted part of text in Google Docs. If it’s a standard comment, you’ll be asked to resolve it. If it’s a suggested change, you can accept or reject it too. Also, any suggested additions to the text is marked by a ‘hidden suggested’ tag.